Sheryl Frazier, LMT
Massage for a healthier, happier, you.

About the Practitioner

Sheryl Frazier, LMT Elgin, IL 60120 847-894-0907


Member ABMP since 2010

Graduate of Elgin Community College Massage Therapy Program with high honors


I enjoy walking, yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, gong and singing bowls meditiation, Quigong, reading, crocheting, baking, and helping others through my massage therapy practice. I am eager to continue learning more each day about any and all massage and relaxation techniques that may be beneficial to people I meet in my practice. My style is to be very quiet during the sessions, only speaking when necessary, so that you may relax as much as possible but, I always want my clients to feel free to speak to me to tell me anything that they need.

I provide a private, relaxing, treatment space on the first floor, in my historic 1880's Elgin home. My table is extra long and wide with heat and padding. (Restroom directly to the right of the treatment room.) These amenities help to provide a quiet sanctuary where you can fully relax.

My goal is to help women relax and renew themselves through massage as an overall part of their own wellness. My style is gentle and comforting, utilizing my skills to facilitate the complete comfort of my clients. I take a small number of clients to focus all of my positive energy on them without depleting myself. Self-care and wellness for all are the hallmarks of my practice. 

Massage has helped me to reconnect with my authentic self, and to be healthier and happier. My wish is for everyone I meet to experience the accumulated, ongoing, positive benefits of regular massage in their life.

Thank you for your interest and hoping I can be part of your goal to continue to care for yourself in the gentlest possible way!

Sheryl Frazier, LMT