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Dear Clients, Friends, and Supporters,

       Due to the current epidemic, after careful consideration, I have decided to place my business on hold. This has been a most complicated, painful and difficult decision but, I believe, a necessary precaution at this time for the health and safety of my clients. All of my clients are in the 50 plus age bracket, the most at risk group for this virus.

       My current plan is to resume seeing clients once a safe, and effective vaccine becomes widely available. Also, once clients, and practitioners are no longer required to wear masks, etc. During this time I will stay licensed and insured to be fully prepared for the return of clients. 

       * Please Note *   If you are currently holding a gift certificate, I am offering two different options. 1) You may chose to hold on to the certificate and I will honor it once I resume my practice. 2) You may contact me (text, phone or email 847-894-0907, with your full name, address, certificate number, and length of session for full refund no questions asked. Please choose whatever works best for you.

       Thank you all for your support, past and present! I wish you all health and peace at this most difficult time. I will be available for any and all question you may have regarding this, and or, any massage related questions or concerns. 


          Sheryl Frazier, LMT



 Thank you for your interest in Massage Therapy. I believe that massage, of any type, is the perfect complimentary therapy to add to everything that you already do to stay well and happy. Many of us walk around carrying far too much stress. Massage allows the body to re-balance naturally without any harmful side effects.

Massage touches the mind, body, and spirit. We often forget these connections, and massage allows us to relax enough to feel connected again. It also affirms our very being.

Many studies have been done to show the positive results of receiving regular massage. It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, reduce the level of cortisol (a stress hormone), reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve sleep, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. Also, it simply helps us feel better over all. Best of all, the positive effects are cumulative over time, so by taking care of you, you are giving the ultimate gift to those you love!

I hope you will take a few moments to check out the other information within my website. If you are new to massage please look over the "frequently asked questions page" and "client forms" page to prepare you for your first massage. Please e-mail me if you have any additional questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you very soon for better health and wellness.

FYI~ Please e-mail me for appointment times at  Thank you for your interest.


Sheryl Frazier

(847) 894-0907 Elgin, IL

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